About Anne Gudrun

Fine Art

Anne Gudrun is a contemporary artist inspired by nature and the magical world of her imagination. She creates large, vibrant oil paintings and her unique style provides a bold and colourful statement piece with a story to tell.

Her work has been chosen for public art displays, receiving awards and special recognition in select online and international art competitions. In 2012 she received the Don S. Williams Grant (FANS ­ Fund for the Arts on the North Shore), a cash award recognising her artistic talent and accomplishments. Her painting ‘Daisies’ was chosen as part of a public art exhibition for the Harmony Arts Festival 2012... (read more)

Anne Gudrun

My Story

I always wanted to be an artist when I grew up. From a very young age I loved to draw and create. As a child I lived in the magical world of my imagination and was inspired by the beauty in the natural world around me.

And then I went to school...

It was grade one and the teacher asked all the kids what they were going to be when they grew up. The boys were going to be firemen, policemen, and doctors. The girls were going to be mothers, nurses, and teachers. I didn't hear anyone saying artist... I didn't want to say the wrong answer... (continue reading)

Gudrun Daisy Dress

Wearable Art

One day while creating her "Essence Art" (a personalised painting), Anne imagined wearing a print of her art and was inspired to make her painting into a dress. After much research and testing, she designed and created her unique clothing line from her original art.

Each piece is custom designed, then digitally produced and transferred onto fabric where it is hand cut and sewn. All products are printed and made in Canada.

Anne's 'wearable art' fashion line is marketed and sold through local fashion events and shows, her online boutique and from her studio-gallery.

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Connect with your essence and discover your own unique expression through art.

Anne offers on-going classes, workshops and a studio mentorship program for artists.

Please contact Anne for information about her programs and classes, and sign up for her MuseLetter to be informed of upcoming workshops, new programs and events.

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