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About Essence Art™

Essence Art™ is a business dedicated to bringing the ‘Beauty of Art’ to the world through original art, product designs and business services.


In the beginning there was Art…

Creating art is my foundation. This business would not exist without it.

I could exist… But what is existence without essence? Creating brings me in touch with my essence and my art is my essence expressed.

I create original oil paintings for purchase, as well as art prints and products designed from my art.

My paintings are marketed and sold through independent galleries, my own studio-gallery, online and by commission.

All paintings are done in oil on a 1 ½ “ deep canvas with painted sides and are ready to hang. My prices range from $500 to $7000 depending on the size and scope of the work. Please feel free to contact me for more information, to purchase an original painting, commission a new work for your home or business, or for a studio visit.


One day, while painting my Roses, I imagined myself wearing a print of my art, and suddenly I was inspired to make my painting into a dress.

This, after all, this is my Essence Art™; my own personalized painting of me... so why not take it to the next level... and wear my art?

The Essence Art™ Boutique was born.

Essence Art fashions is a unique clothing line developed and designed from my original art. All products are printed and custom made in Canada. My ‘wearable art’ fashion line is marketed and sold through my online boutique and studio-gallery.

Explore my creations at the Essence Art™ Boutique and bring more art and beauty to your world...


My programs and services help people connect to their inner essence through art to create a life and business they love.

With all of the global shifts and changes to world economies, people are beginning to change the way they work in the world. In the new world economy people will be creating their own work as a reflection of who they are, resulting in new businesses that have not existed before. This is a result of global economic changes, the internet, social media, lifestyle changes and technology.

With all of these rapid changes, people are searching for more meaning in their lives and no longer content to have a job, but desire a life and work that gives them purpose and self expression.

Soul Art®

I offer workshops using art and the creative process as a healing and transformative experience. I also work one-on-one with clients in this process.

Business Services

As an artist, author and business owner, with a background in health care management, I bring a wide range of experience and expertise to help artists and creative entrepreneurs build a platform and present their business as a brand through their website, products and services. Once a platform for their business is established, my business coaching services further help people develop a clear and workable business and marketing plan.

Please contact me for more information.