Art as Transformation

How can art transform us?

There are two states of mind. One is based on survival and one is based on creation.

Survival is fear-based. When we are in this state we feel separated and disconnected. We are concerned with the ego self, which is judgemental and analytical. We see things as ‘out there’ and separate from us. This is the critical mind. When we're living in this state we are unable to grow and create.

When we are in the creative state we're feeling love, joy and inspiration. We feel connected and whole. Time and space disappear... We become Self-less. The ego moves out of the way. This is our natural state of BEing.

Art is a way to bring you into the present moment. You move into a place where you forget your problems, time disappears... Your energy moves from your head to your heart.

When you are so in love with life and what you are creating, then you are in your natural state of being.

The more you experience this state, the more your body (your subconscious mind) recognizes it as You... and you begin to grow this new way of Being.

This is how art transforms us. It brings us into the present moment where we experience ourselves as whole Beings. The more we can be in this state, the more we increase these higher feelings of love, joy and inspiration. We are able to grow and re-create ourselves and our lives.

‘The secret to art is love.’ ~ Antoine Bourdelle                              

And perhaps the secret to love is art...

What do you want to grow and create? How will you bring more art into your life?