The Heart of the Matter

Today I am resting and I’m thinking about what matters most...


“You are never more essentially, more deeply, yourself than when you are still.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

I love my cottage in the woods.

When the whirlwind of life threatens to take me away... my cottage is my little sanctuary.

Here it is quiet and still.

To create you first must be inspired. But inspiration doesn’t come from busy-ness. It doesn’t come from pushing hard to reach goals or left-brain thinking, planning and analyzing... It cannot be forced.

Inspiration comes from the right-brain, feminine, intuitive way of being. When you are in this  state, you are open and receptive to insights, new visions and ideas... Inspiration comes when you are relaxed.

What we create in this world comes from the non-physical realm of the imagination. To create requires the feminine energy of intuition and insight as well as the masculine energy of action to give it form.

It is a fine balance.

Too much action without rest and we can easily become depleted.

Too much imagining without action and we will never see the results of what is possible.

It takes inspired action to create.

So, after a flurry of activity, today I am resting. No matter what happens ‘out there in the world’ I must always stay connected to mySelf, my truth, my inspiration...

It’s my heart that matters most.