The world needs more heArt

It’s interesting that the word ‘art’ is in the word ‘heart.’ 

Silence is the doorway to greater knowing. 

Silence is the doorway to greater knowing. 

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the heart is the doorway.

Art takes you into your heart, through the doorway, and connects directly to your soul.

Art has the ability to transform and transcend the problems of everyday life. When you connect to your heart, you connect to every other heart. There is no separation.

Fears drop away...

Art washes away from the soul the dirt of everyday life.’ ~ Pablo Picasso

When you are in your heart, time does not exist... You are in the ever-expanding now.

And you just know.

‘Art remains the one way possible of speaking truth.’ ~ Robert Browning

In every work of art is the energy of the heart.

The world needs more heArt.