12 ways creativity is good for you...

I didn’t want to die with the Art still inside me.

The dream was just a flickering flame... but it was still alive. I could wait no longer.

And so one day I bravely signed myself up for a class to start painting again.

I remember my first class. All we did was talk about art, but already I felt the flame ignite and grow bigger.

And I felt like I was nine years old again! I skipped all the way home...

Well, I was hooked and there was no turning back...

Since then so much has changed in my life, both outwardly and inwardly.

So I made a little video of 12 Ways Creativity is Good for You:


  1. You grow younger

  2. It keeps you flexible (a flexible mind is a flexible body!)

  3. You have loads of energy (creativity is life force energy!)

  4. You become happier

  5. Life is fun

  6. When you tap into the creative flow, synchronicity and magic shows up!

  7. You become self-expressed

  8. You see and experience life in new ways

  9. Life is more beautiful

  10. Life is less serious

  11. You laugh and smile more

  12. You wake up excited for each day...