I love working on new projects and I'm happy to create a personal painting just for you.

If you see a painting you love and would like a custom painting with a particular size for your space, then commissioning a painting is a way to work directly with me to meet your needs. 

The Process

I work from my own photos and whether I'm painting a scene from nature or a personal portrait, I will meet with you to discuss the size, colours and image you would like. Once we have an agreement on the price, payment plan and delivery date, I will begin your painting.

My paintings are created in a three stage process. I first begin with a drawing on canvas which is done completely free-hand, with no grid, allowing me to really get to know the painting. The lines and character of the painting now begin to take shape. Once the drawing is complete I do an underpainting in grey as a tonal study. In the final stage I layer on colours creating a luminous painting in a unique style.

After each stage I will send you a photo, and if you live nearby you are welcome to come for a studio visit to see the work in progress.


Prices are based on a dollar per inch model with variations depending on detail and scope of the project.

Base Prices:

12" x 24" - $720                  

20" x 20" - $1000

18" x 24" - $1080

24" x 24" - $1440

24" x 36" - $2160

30" x 30" - $2250

30" x 40" - $3000

36" x 48" - $4320

48" x 48" - $5760

48" x 60" - $7200

I had the pleasure of commissioning Anne after I had seen one of her art pieces. It was so easy to work with Anne, I was given a clear sense of how the project would go including the timing, sketches, updates, payments and shipping. It went flawless, the painting was received on time and exceeded my expectations! Thank you, we are enjoying the painting so much!
— Jackie Trask

We came across Anne Gudrun at the North Shore Art Crawl two years ago. We were with our two children aged 6 and 8. We were all entranced in her newest piece on show and knew we wanted to buy it immediately. Unfortunately it was sold and we’d have to wait until she finished a commission for us. Our piece is now a constant source of wonderment as we use our imaginations to look into the birch forest and the hiding animals, faces and colours.
— Trevor and Tori
In July 2015 my husband and I approached Anne Gudrun to commission a painting. We had first seen her work in May, 2015 at Art Vancouver and were instantly drawn to her nature collection with its abstract realism and bold colors. We met with Anne in her studio in North Vancouver and discussed the size, some of the colors and general content we were looking for. She was very easy to talk to and explained her process. After settling on the size and price and giving her a deposit, we left Anne to work her magic. Anne is a true artist and we had no desire to try to influence her creative process. She kept us informed as the painting progressed by emailing photos and welcomed us to visit her studio at any time to view the work in progress. Anne was always very accommodating in arranging times for us to visit. My husband and I anxiously waited for the painting to be finished. It was worth the wait. Anne didn’t just put paint on a canvas for us; she created a story with her imagination, her talent and her paints. We have had the painting in our home for a month now and couldn’t be happier with it. It’s a gorgeous addition to our home and a wonderful reflection of the North Shore forests and their mysterious beauty.
— Michelle Reimer
About two years ago I purchased a large forest painting done by local North Shore artist Anne Gudrun. The forest depicted by the artist is truly magical and unique. The colours are wonderful and it has a great feeling of perspective, as if you could walk right into it. Whether viewing it up close or from afar, it gives me great satisfaction.
— Wayne Fraser
Anne’s intuitive painting style beautifully captured me, the dormant chrysalis, dreaming into existence the life I wanted to manifest— an ethereal snapshot, if you will, that is a cherished memento of a personal journey into lightness...
— Susan Drouin

Please contact me for more information or to schedule an appointment.