You are Spring ~ The Daisy


Daisy is a creative spirit. Carefree, fun, adventurous... She loves new beginnings and plays with possibilities. She is the morning light on an early Spring day, running barefoot across mountain meadows like a warm breeze dancing... A flower fairy laughing.


Essence Word: Dream

Colours: Sky Blue, Emerald Green

Element: Air

This is a time of awakening and new beginnings. No longer content with the way things are, and the way things have always been, you are restless for new learning, discovery and adventure. Your inner child is waking up...

Ask yourself ~ Who am I and who do I dream of becoming? What do I dream for my life?

The journey to discover your Self and what you'll create is beginning.

Opportunity ~ When you open to dreaming you connect with your inner truth, your essential nature, and it is here where the seed is planted for who you are meant to become.

Challenge ~ As the dreamer awakens you can feel a deep stirring of discontent with where you are. The challenge is to hold the vision of your dream and live into it before you see or experience it in physical form.

Action ~ Ask yourself, what can I do today that will bring me one step closer to living my dream? And then take that step!

Gifts For You:

Your Essence Art is a picture of what your soul desires to be, do and have in your life. It is creative expression from your soul and connects you with the vision from your heart.

Knowing why you want something helps you to become clear. When you resonate with the essence of your desires you are in alignment with the truth and purpose for your life.



Your Essence Art Vision Guide

Your Essence Art Vision Guide