You are Autumn ~ Emerging Red

Emerging Red-med.jpg

Red is the dynamic energy that flows through all living things... and emerges as herSelf.

Red is smart and knows what she wants. She takes decisive action to bring her dreams to reality... Red is strong, courageous and ready to step forward into her dreams. Bold and dynamic, she walks her own path...

Essence Word: Create

Colours: Vibrant Red, Electric Blue, Brilliant Green

Element: Fire

Autumn is about stepping out, creating, energy and action.

As you emerge with a new sense of self in the world, you are clear on who you are and what you want to create. It's time to reap what you have sown as you harvest your dreams and make them real. 

After Summer’s inhale into Being, Autumn exhales into Doing. This is a time for action and creating your visions into physical form.


Opportunity ~ You are clear on your passions, purpose and desire. With clarity comes effortless creativity.

Challenge ~ When you move into action, you can be drawn away from your centre and original inspiration. Caught up in the Doing you forget to rest and breathe in, running out of fuel for your fire.

Action ~ To keep your energy and creativity flowing, create a daily practice to bring harmony and balance into your life. Follow every action step with a rest period, just as the inhale follows the exhale.

Gifts for You:

Your Essence Art is a picture of what your soul desires to be, do and have in your life. It is creative expression from your soul and connects you with the vision from your heart.

Knowing why you want something helps you to become clear. When you resonate with the essence of your desires you are in alignment with the truth and purpose for your life.


Your Essence Art Vision Guide

Your Essence Art Vision Guide