Fine Art and Fashion

While painting my Roses last summer I imagined myself wearing a print of my art, and I suddenly was inspired with the idea of making my painting into a dress.

This, after all, this is my Essence Art™; my own personalized painting of ME... so why not take it to the next level... and wear my art?...

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'Flowers and Figures and Other Abstractions'

Art is my way of Being. Through art I create my Self, defining who I am by what I do and how I express.

As an artist I intuitively observe how lines, colours and shapes define the essence and personality of things. My paintings are interpretations and expressions of what I see and experience.

Whether creating the figurative representation of a person or the abstraction of a flower, I explore the interactions between the shapes and colours on canvas; each colour and shape becoming its own character and contributing to the work as a whole.






There’s a new way of being in the world. We no longer look outside of ourselves to see where we fit into the world. Instead, we create the world from the inside out. The world then becomes a match to who we are.

Each day we get to decide ~ What will my day be like? How will I live?... What will I create today? Our lives become art-ful.

I write about art as a way of life.

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