Anne Gudrun ~ The Dream


What we dream for ourselves, for our lives, comes from our inner truth (our essence). When we know our truth and follow our dreams we can live our purpose... 

This is my story is about following The Dream.

My Story

I always wanted to be an artist when I grew up. From a very young age I loved to draw and create. As a child I lived in the magical world of my imagination and was inspired by the beauty in the natural world around me.

And then I went to school...

It was grade one and the teacher asked all the kids what they were going to be when they grew up. The boys were going to be firemen, policemen, and doctors. The girls were going to be mothers, nurses, and teachers. I didn't hear anyone saying artist... I didn't want to say the wrong answer... so when it came my turn to speak I said, “nurse”.


Well, in my life I've been a nurse, a teacher and a mother... But in my heart I never let go of my dream. It was a secret that I kept to myself. I wanted to be an artist. I wanted to be me. To live each day creatively and as an expression of who I am was my deepest desire.

But life happens and I found myself on a different path...

I had responsibilities. I needed to be practical. I needed to make money.

So I kept my dream on the back burner and I worked hard at my jobs and career to support myself and my family. I worked as a nurse and manager. I studied and taught yoga. I studied business, marketing and entrepreneurship.

And then I began to paint.


It started with a painting class once a week. Then twice. Then daily... I painted, wrote and thought about art. I painted alongside other artists in a large working studio… And I painted at home.

That small, yet still flickering flame inside me was ignited… Passion.

Well, there was no turning back... My creative spirit was soooo happy! I suddenly felt nine years old again! I’d opened the flood gates.... I had so much creative energy, and so many ideas!  Soon I had my own studio and I began entering shows… Before I knew it, I was living my dream.

And all the while I worked at my job(s), taught yoga and studied.

Then something interesting happened...

A new desire bubbled up inside me. Now I only wanted to paint.

The more I did what I loved, the more I became frustrated and dissatisfied with my job. I was restless.

And it wasn’t a bad job.... In fact, it gave me a lot! I’m grateful for all the jobs and life experiences I’ve had… They’ve brought me to where I am. They’re pieces to the puzzle of my life… They’ve given me challenges to overcome. They’ve made me humble and appreciative. Flexible. Strong. They’ve given me opportunities.

I felt like I was living in two worlds.

But the problem was...

I felt like I was living in two worlds. I felt like I was two people. And that was tiring...

Yet I still needed to support myself. I still had responsibilities... So I continued to work and to paint and to live two very full and busy lives...

Until I couldn’t anymore.

At some point our bodies just say, no more.

Things happen that tell you, enough!

So I had to stop. I couldn’t do it all… I needed to make some choices.

(We do have choices…)

I’ve always been an artist, but I haven’t always lived it. At least, not in the external world.

It’s funny how we can go on a journey only to end up right back where we started. I guess we need the experiences that the journey brings us. It is about the journey after all…

And so that’s what my story is about.

My story is the journey to living my dreams, to a place where my outside world is a reflection of my inside world, fully and completely. To be creative and express all that is inside me; to live and create my full potential.

To live my purpose.

I think this is all anyone wants... To express who they are and to live their purpose. To do what they feel they are meant to be doing with their lives, and to serve others with their gifts.

I have a little formula. It goes like this:

your purpose


I have a New Dream... A new vision:

There’s a new way of being in the world. We no longer look outside of ourselves to see where we fit into the world, instead we create the world from the inside out. The world then becomes a match to who we are.

Each day we get to decide ~ What will my day be like? How will I live?... What will I create today?
— Excerpt from the Little Book of Big Dreams

So that is my story! (for now)

I hope you’ve enjoyed it and thank you for being a part of this journey :)

Your’s Truly,


(To be continued...)