You are Winter ~ Tapestry


Tapestry weaves the stories of her life and transforms them into new ways of being. She is the forest floor... a blanket nurturing Mother Earth as she settles into stillness.

Tapestry provides the nutrients for new life to begin.

Essence Word: Peace

Colours: Forest Green, Venetian Red, Indigo

Element: Earth


During Winter you draw inward to nurture, heal and transform. You are processing what you have already created in your life. Now it is time to rest into Being... to release and let go of all that doesn't serve you. You are connecting to Mother Earth, returning Home, to nourish and prepare yourself for the next cycle of birth and creation.

You've completed a cycle and are preparing to begin anew. This is a transition phase and can be a journey all in itself. You may wonder ~ How do I make the transition from old to new?

Opportunity ~ Through stillness you access awareness and knowledge of self. When you slow down and stop activity, you move into the right side of the brain, intuition or 'direct knowing'. It is here that you can gain insights and where creative visions are born.

Challenge ~ Drawing inward can bring you into a contracted state of paralysis or inertia.

Action ~  Let go of what is complete to make room for new life and dreams that want to be born. Ask yourself ~ What do I really, really want? To move from old to new, begin a clearing process, releasing what no longer serves you. Then bring your attention to what you do want. Transformation happens when we shift to new perceptions; new ways of seeing and experiencing the world. 


Gifts for You:

Your Essence Art is a picture of what your soul desires to be, do and have in your life. It is creative expression from your soul and connects you with the vision from your heart.

Knowing why you want something helps you to become clear. When you resonate with the essence of your desires you are in alignment with the truth and purpose for your life.


Your Essence Art Vision Guide

Your Essence Art Vision Guide

7 Tips To Help You Transition

7 Tips To Help You Transition