Wearable Art

A few years ago I set out to make a painting as a symbol of my essence. While I was painting I imagined myself wearing my art and I was suddenly inspired with the idea of making my painting into a dress. I began researching how I could transform my original artwork onto fabric. My vision was to re-create the complete painting onto fabric for a unique style that represented my art. 

Using images of my work I created a computerised design of the dress. The design is digitally transferred onto fabric, and then hand cut and sewn. 


The Original Rose Dress

Rose Dress

I made a little video documenting the journey from painting to finished product... Fine Art into Wearable Art. It's a slow process (so I speeded it up for this two minute video!). 

We had a fashion parade (and a bit of fun!) at the North Shore Art Crawl. I call it Gudrun Vibrations...