celebrating red

I like red. emerging red 30 x 36 oil on canvas

Red stands out. It is strong and definite, bold and dynamic. Red is beautiful, passionate and exciting...

The letter A is red. So is the number 5.

Red has the longest wavelength of light discernible by the human eye.

I like my red, velvet curtains and pillows...

Red houses look good against a bleak landscape, just as a red umbrella cheers up a grey, rainy day.

I remember going with my mom to buy new rain boots... I really wanted the red boots but my mom talked me into buying the shiny, black ones. She said they wouldn't show the dirt so much. I still wish I got the red ones...

Red is vibrant and playful.

I love red roses.

Healthy blood is red with iron-rich hemoglobin, carrying oxygen throughout the body.

The heart is red ~ le coeur. Courage. 

Red is the colour of love.

I like my red dress best...