The Cycle of Creativity Quiz


Creating a life and work I love takes time. It is a journey... 

And along the way I've discovered there is a cycle to the creative process... A never-ending cycle of becoming, blossoming, creating and transforming... Everything that is created in this world moves through these seasons... cycling continuously through life, death and re-birth.

And so I created a quiz!

Where are you in Life’s Cycle of Creativity?

Spring ~ This is a time of awakening and new beginnings. What is the dream that lives inside you? 

Summer ~ You are blossoming and in love with life. How can you deepen into your essence? 

Autumn ~ You are emerging as a greater expression of who you are and ready to give birth to your dreams. Now you want to create and express your Self in the world.

Winter ~ After much activity it's time to rest into Being. You are processing, renewing and transforming... What do you need to let go of so you can open again to the new?