The Known and the Unknown.


This is what I’m thinking about as I begin my first few pencil lines on canvas...


Trust in my dreams, trust in my vision, trust in myself... Trust in the known and the unknown.

It’s just like having a baby. When the baby is finally born and you meet him or her for the first time you say, “Oh hello! Yes of course it’s you!”.

You trust as it all comes together and makes sense in the end.

So as I begin my big, new painting I have my vision clearly in mind.

I think of it often.

I imagine the completed painting... and I imagine the feeling of it completed.

It’s this feeling that ignites and inspires my progress...

It’s this feeling of the known and the unknown at the same time that drives me to create.

When I have this feeling, it is like being on an exciting adventure...

Creating a painting is like embarking on an adventure of a thousand brush strokes...