True Art

I learn a lot from painting pictures.


I've learned that life is just like painting. Well, after all, life itself is a creative process...

Sometimes I leave a painting for too long and it loses my interest. And like a neglected dream it is in danger of never becoming fully realized in this world.

It's no longer new and I need to get excited about it again.

‘I played with an idea, and grew wilful; tossed it into the air; transformed it; let it escape and recaptured it; made it iridescent with fancy, and winged it with paradox.’ ~ Oscar Wilde

To be playful with creativity and ideas inevitably brings new visions, insights and the excitement that is so important to life itself.

It's the spark of new dreams that keep me going... 

But it is perseverance that makes them real. This is the true art.

 'True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.' ~ Albert Einstein