The turning point.


Imagine you are on a surfboard, paddling out to sea…

In the distance you see a wave and you wonder if this is the one.

You paddle towards it...

As the wave draws nearer, looming larger and larger, you turn your board away and keep paddling. You can hear the roar of the wave coming closer and closer… You feel the energy of the wave just behind you now, about to lift you up...

And you must decide.

Will I let this one go or will I jump?

You jump… And ride the wave.

This is the turning point.

The decision is the point between intention and action. When you make a decision you move the flow of energy and possibility into focused direction.

Making a decision is the third step in the creative process.

When you have a dream, vision or goal in mind, there comes a point when you must decide. You can let the idea roll on by, or you make a decision and act.

When you have an idea, it’s already real on one level of existance. The more you think about it, imagine it, and play with it in your mind… the more energy it gathers and begins to take form.

Once you take action, you’ve made a commitment and all the energy of possibility is summoned forth and given direction.

The decision is the turning point between idea and action.