Into the Forest...

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It was a dark and stormy winter day. Rose and her father huddled by the fire, listening to the wind howl and branches “tap, tap, tap,” against the cottage windows. 

Tree of Life - detail

Tree of Life - detail

Then came a louder “tap, tap, tap” at the door. Rose was frightened and begged her father not to open it. But the Woodsman, with heavy heart, opened the door and in came the Old Woman of the Forest looking even more ancient and dirty than before.

“I’ve come to collect,” said the Old Woman with a glint in her eye. She grinned mischievously at Rose, whose eyes opened wide in horror as she clung to her father.

“Rose has been well looked after and a deal is a deal,” said the Woodsman sadly. With that he gathered up a cloth bag that was hidden behind the stove and gave it to his daughter.

“Enough!” croaked the Old Woman and she grabbed the Woodsman’s young daughter by the arm. Just then a big gust of wind blew the cottage door open wide and Rose and the Old Woman disappeared into the dark forest leaving nothing but a trail of earth behind them...

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