Dream Weaver

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Careful not to wake the Old Woman, Rose pulled out the cloth bag she’d hidden under her bed long ago. Inside the bag was the most beautiful silvery-blue yarn that shone like the moon.

Rose wondered how she could possibly make a web that was seven feet high and five feet wide from such a small bag of yarn, but the more yarn she pulled out, the more yarn there seemed to be!

And so for seven days, as the Old Woman slept, Rose weaved her magical web. And for seven nights, when the Old Woman went out into the forest, Rose slept under her silvery blanket and wove magical dreams into her web.

Rose’s dream web was now complete and it’s brilliance made the whole room glow with shimmering moonlight.

Forest detail in black and white

Forest detail in black and white

“What’s that glare?” the Old Woman said. “It hurts my eyes!”

“That is the moon shining across my bed,” said Rose.

“There must be a hole in the roof letting the light in,” grumbled the Old Woman, “It better be gone by morning or else!” she threatened. Then rubbing her eyes she climbed out from the cave, through the roots at the bottom of the tree, and out into the night.

Rose was frightened. How could she hide the web from the Old Woman? What if Lucky never returned?

Just then she heard the familiar, small voice calling her name.

“You’ve done well Rose,” said Lucky, “but there’s no time to lose. It’s a full moon tonight and the Old Woman won’t stay out long. Throw the end of your yarn up here and climb out.”

Rose pulled out the last of the yarn and threw it up to the little green man at the entrance to the cave. Lucky tied the yarn around a large root and Rose climbed up. The yarn was as strong as steel, yet light as a feather. Together they pulled Rose’s dream web out from the Old Woman’s cave.

“Wrap it around you,” said Lucky. “It will keep you warm and safe in the woods. Now be quick and follow me!” And with that, the little green man disappeared into the dark forest...