Rose Gets Lucky

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“Up here,” said the voice, and Rose glanced up towards the light and entrance to the cave. There she saw a little man no bigger than a few inches tall. He had a long, pointy nose that stuck out from his green cape and hood. He looked like part of the earth and roots so Rose would not have seen him but for his madly waving arm.

“Oh, hello,” said Rose, “Who are you?”

“They call me Lucky,” said the little green man, with a twinkle in his eye. “Good luck comes to those who follow what I tell them. I’m here to help you, but you have to trust what I say.” 

“Will you help me escape? I’m afraid the Old Woman will catch me and then I’m done for,” cried Rose fearfully as she watched the Old Woman snoring heavily in her bed.

“Listen carefully and do exactly as I say,” said Lucky. “In the cloth bag from your father is magic yarn that was given to your mother by the fairies. Every day when the Old Woman sleeps, you must weave it into a large web until it is seven feet high and five feet wide. Keep the web on your bed as a blanket, for the Old Woman is blind as a bat. When you sleep your dreams will weave themselves into the web.

“In seven days and seven nights I will be back,” said the little man, and with that he disappeared into the light of the day...

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