Caught in the Web

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Rose moved swiftly through the forest to keep up with the sprightly, little man. She was glad for the moonlight that lit the path through the trees, and for the warm blanket protecting her from the scratching branches.

Finally they arrived at a small clearing in the woods. In the centre was a large stump covered in bits of fur, blood and bones.

Rose shuddered. She wanted to run from the clearing as fast as she could, but Lucky stopped her.

“The Old Woman will soon be here. Quick, throw your blanket up into the trees!”

Rose did as he told her and threw it as high as she could. The blanket opened and stretched across the clearing like a huge web, it’s silvery-blue yarn invisible in the moonlight.

Just then they heard branches snapping and the Old Woman came traipsing along, dragging a squealing pig by the tail. As she came into the clearing, she let out a horrendous shout and the little pig, suddenly free, darted past Rose and disappeared into the woods.

“Look!” said Lucky, "The Old Woman is caught in the web!"

It was a sight to see! The more the Old Woman struggled, the tighter the web wrapped around her. Soon she was motionless but for her screeches and venom-filled rants.

Rose was terrified, but Lucky reassured her.

“The sun is coming up,” he said, “she can’t live in the light.” And sure enough, as the sun came up and lit the clearing with it’s golden rays, the Old Woman began to melt until she disappeared completely from the web...