Summer Rose

Rose in full bloom will romance you with her fragrant beauty, drawing you in... She is in every golden pink sunset and each blossoming garden. She is a summer day...

                                      Roses  48" x 48" oil on canvas

And she loves.

Her red velvet petals surround her heart, and it's from here that all truth flows... That truth is love. 

Rose is love.

Essence Word: Love

Colours: Rose Red, Pink

Element: Water

Summer is about love, beauty, and deepening into your essence. What is your essence? Your essence is the vibration of your soul. When you peel away the layers of life, you discover your True Self, beyond the roles you play in physical existence. As you rest into Being, you experience your Soul’s vibration. This is a time to deepen your connection to your Spirit and experience the Beauty in the world around you.

When you experience Beauty, you experience your Soul.

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter... Life is a never-ending cycle of becoming, blossoming, creating and transforming... Everything that is created in this world moves through these seasons... cycling continuously through life, death and re-birth.

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