Harmony Arts Festival 2015 - Slow Clothes Fashion Show

Upcoming Event

Slow Clothes: The Art of Fashion at the Harmony Arts Festival
Presented by Wearable Art Vancouver August 5th, 12:30 - 1:30 pm

I've been preparing for the Harmony Arts Festival and the Slow Clothes Fashion Show!

This week's feature is the Emerging Red Leggings. These vibrant and dynamic art leggings represent the essence of Autumn and are designed from the painting Emerging Red.

Emerging Red Leggings

Essence Word: Create
Element: Fire
Colours: Vibrant Red, Electric Blue, Brilliant Green

The Emerging Red Leggings symbolize the essence of Autumn (stepping out, energy and action to harvest our dreams). These fun and vibrant art leggings can be worn for yoga and active-wear (or as a bold statement piece to accompany a dressier style). They are designed from the painting "Emerging Red" with each leg, front and back, showing a unique aspect of the painting.

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