Essence into Art

It's hard to see things about ourselves… they can remain deeply hidden. We might sense they are there… But how can we “see” them?

I'm a very visual person, in how I experience the external world, but also in my internal world; my imagination or “mind’s eye”. So for me to understand something I need to “see” it.

Art acts like a bridge that connects the unseen with the visible world, bringing new visions to life.

And it shows us who we are. 

My art comes from my essence… So to be clear on what I want to create as an artist, I must know myself.

For me, this is the first step; to become clear on who I am and to nurture that truth. When I'm clear on who I am, then I can be clear on what I want to create in the world.

I made the Essence Art Vision Guide as a tool to help you get clear on your vision or dream. Knowing why you want something helps you become clear. When you resonate with the essence of your desires, you're in alignment with the truth and purpose for your life.

You can download the Essence Art Vision Guide free printable HERE and watch the VIDEO.