The Magic Tree

Every painting has a story. Sometimes the painting is painted with the story in mind; other times the story evolves as I’m painting…

The Magic Tree

When I was little I got lost in Stanley Park. (Stanley Park is a 400 hectare public park in Vancouver where I grew up). It has giant, rainforest trees, and is surrounded by the ocean and beautiful beaches. Most kids growing up in Vancouver have memories of the park… From playing on the beach, to rolling down the grassy hills, to the children’s zoo and train, or theatre under the stars… We were always excited to go to the park!

One day, when I was about four years old, I went to the park with my sisters and some family friends. As usual I was in my day-dreamy world (only half aware of my surroundings) when I suddenly realised I didn't know where I was… My sisters and the family I was with, were nowhere to be found!

When I think back to it now, all I remember is feeling very alone and frightened. There were lots of people around, but I didn't dare go up to someone I didn't know… Instead I saw a great, big, magnificent, grandfather tree. I went straight over to it and, cuddling up next to the huge trunk, I started to cry. Somehow I felt the tree would protect me.

Well, I guess it did because it wasn't long before a nice family came along and rescued me (and took me to the “Lost and Found” where I was eventually returned to my rightful owners).

So that’s my little tree story… And if you look closely, maybe you can see a little girl nestled contentedly, high up in the branches of The Magic Tree...