Fine Art into Wearable Art ~ video journey

I made a little video documenting the journey from painting to finished product... Fine Art into Wearable Art. It's a slow process (so I speeded it up for this two minute video!). 

You could call it "slow clothes" as each clothing design is created from original artwork. The painting is digitally reproduced onto fabric, then hand cut and sewn.

I will have a few of my new clothing designs modelled in the fashion show ~ Slow Clothes, The Art of Fashion at this year's Harmony Arts Festival on August 9th.

Until then, I'll be working behind the scenes... Lots of creating going on... And travel!

(It's all about the journey after all... And you can follow my journey on Facebook and Instagram)

Bhagavad Gita quote

The work is the journey and the journey is in the work. (Any reward is just the icing on the cake!)