Finding my way home...

I love my early morning walks, before the world gets busy and I still feel partially in another realm... It’s almost as if I’m walking a bridge between two worlds. With so many thoughts swirling in my head, walking helps to sort them out, each step giving direction and focus... creating a path for my day.

Today I'm going for a walk to the sea. It's a cool morning and the sky is just becoming light...

As I walk along the ocean an eagle flies overhead... and it feels magical. The sea is calm and the sky is overcast. Everything feels grey and enclosed. Life is still... Every sound amplified... my squeaky boots, the gulls, the gentle lapping of waves on the shore... The rain is lightly falling and feels like soft needles on my face.

I’m in the moment. 

In the present moment all our senses are open. We are one with nature and the flow of life... 

rose drawing

In an instant now I'm five years old and gathering shells on a beach... turning rocks over to discover pretty little yellow and rainbow coloured shells among the seaweed. I can hear the seagulls calling as they fly to their nesting island close by... and it’s windy.

I love the wind.

shells and old photo

I put my favourite shells in my pocket. I’m not sure what I’ll do with them... but in that moment I feel as if I’ve captured the beauty of nature...

And in that moment I experience my soul. I am home

I still have those shells. They’re sitting in a little dish on a shelf in my room... A reminder of home.

A reminder that... whichever path I take in life, I can always find my way home.