66 Degrees North

Hrisey Town at Midnight

Hrisey Town at Midnight

It’s 24-hour daylight now in Hrisey, Iceland, and I have the opposite of “S.A.D.” (I’m suffering from G.L.A.D. - Good Light All Day!).

The light in the north is truly beautiful and the sunset just goes on and on and on…

There’s something special about the northern light at this time of year. Especially during these long summer evenings… everything just glows, bringing out the vivid colours of the majestic landscape.

Mountain and Moors at Midnight

Mountain and Moors at Midnight

When the sun is out, the sea looks cerulean blue. In the evening, the mountains reflect pinks, purples and greens… and the moors become golden.

There’s a celebration as everything comes alive… and the birds seem to go crazy in the never-ending twilight!

It’s hard to know the time of day… There are people here out doing yard work at 3 am! But somehow I’m getting lots of sleep… My days consist of going for hikes across the moors to the cliffs, swimming (in the geothermal pool just down the road), napping, making food or going to a local cafe, writing, reading, and of course painting!

I love the northern landscape. It’s rugged and wild… and I always feel a sense of “home”. Perhaps it’s in my blood…

So this is what I’m exploring - What is the importance of the land and environment to a ‘sense of place’ and the feelings of connection to oneself and one’s place in the world?

I’m getting to know this land. Through the sights and sounds of nature… and the colours, shapes… the feeling of this place.

I brought just a few supplies with me, including some small canvas boards with a limited palette of paints.

I made a time-lapse video of a little painting I made. I’m calling it ‘Wildflower Eruption’, inspired by the wildflowers and flora of Iceland.