Life is a Tapestry... and Continual Emerging of Self



The more willing you are to surrender to the energy within you, the more power can flow through you. ~ Shakti Gawain

Tapestry weaves the stories of her life and transforms them to new ways of being. She is the forest floor... earthy, deep and full of riches.

Tapestry provides the nutrients for new life to begin...

Emerging Red

Emerging Red-med.jpg

Red is the dynamic energy that flows through all living things... and emerges as herself.

Red is smart and knows what she wants. She takes decisive action to bring her dreams to reality... she creates herSelf as she desires to be.

She walks her own path...

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. ~ G.B. Shaw

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Emerging Red and Tapestry pillows

Emerging Red and Tapestry pillows