What colour is your February?

What colour is your February?

Ever since I can remember, I’ve associated letters, numbers and words with colours. For example, the letter “A” is red (and so is the name Anne). Sometimes the word is coloured by the first letter, but not always. For example “F” is a dark green, but February is a light blue. I thought this was “normal” and that everyone’s words were colours. Until I was a little older and began asking others what colours their letters or words were…

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My path.

I like to figure things out for myself, and it isn’t always the easy route...


I may have a destination in mind, but the path is not always clear.

Sometimes I get lost and have to retrace my steps... but then I just keep on going.

I’m driven by a sense of discovery and adventure. 

I’ll say to myself ~ What if?...

'Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.' ~ Emerson

I’m creating my own path... It is unique to me.

No, it isn’t always easy... but then, the greater the challenge, the greater the reward...

‘Your work is to discover your work, and then with all your heart, to give yourself up to it.’ ~ Gautama Buddha