Meeting inspiration.

The only way to be creative is to create.


Being creative requires inspiration, but you can’t always wait to be inspired. It doesn’t always come to you... Sometimes you have to go to it. You just have to put pen to paper or paint brush to canvas and create.

'When inspiration doesn't come, I go halfway to meet it.’ ~ Sigmund Freud

When I’m too much in my head I need to move my body, so I go for a walk. Walking clears my mind.

I let go of the puzzle I’m trying too hard to solve... I just walk it out.

I like to wander as I wonder... And somehow just by walking, the pieces all come together. 

‘My work is inspired by two things: the external world and the internal world. A good day is when they meet on canvas.’ ~ Bonnie Mandoe

Sometimes I am inspired to paint, and other times I paint to be inspired. I let my desire to create lead the way, and then I meet inspiration around every corner...

What do you do to meet inspiration?