the art of yoga and the yoga of art

There is a part of us that is inner and still, and there is a part of us that moves and takes action in the world. The quiet, still part is always there no matter what is going on in our busy lives.

It is just like the ocean... the surface can sometimes be wavy and turbulent, but if you dive down deep you can access that quiet, calm place.

Yoga means to unite. The goal of yoga is to connect body, mind and spirit. It is connecting you to your Self at a higher level.

The art of yoga then, is what brings you to this place.

The physical practice of yoga uses movement to find the stillness within. It is a moving meditation. Yoga could also be a walk in the woods, running, listening to music, gardening, taking a long, relaxing bath... whatever you do that helps you connect with the quiet, still place within.

When I paint or do any creative activity, I'm connecting with my spirit or my higher self. I'm able to connect with my true, authentic spirit and from here express out into the world. 

This is the yoga of art. 

When the ocean of life is tossing you about, how do you connect with your centre? How do you get to the bottom of the sea?

What is your yoga?