Never let go of your dream.

Recently I was interviewed by Leanne Chapman for her Pearls of Wisdom ebook and blog series.


Leanne write’s about reclaiming yourself and following your own unique path to your dreams. You can visit Leanne’s website here to receive her ‘Pearls of Wisdom’ and follow along on her blog tour.

Here is an excerpt from my interview with Leanne...

1. What are you most proud of today that you once thought you would never achieve?

When I began living in alignment with my true self, I made my dreams a reality.

Since I was five years old I imagined myself as an artist, yet it became a secret dream I kept inside when life experiences took me down other paths. For many years the dream seemed so far away... It felt like a long, lost child that I knew in my heart was still alive. I had to trust that the dream would find it’s way home.

I never let go of my dream...

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