How Soul Art Helps Me as an Artist.

It is hard to see things about ourselves… they can remain deeply hidden. We might sense they are there… But how can we “see” them?

I am a very visual person, both in how I experience the external world, but also in my internal world; my imagination or “mind’s eye”. So for me to understand something I need to “see” it.

Soul Art helps me connect with who I am. It has helped me to truly understand and connect with my essence. This has been the first step; to become clear on who I am and to nurture that truth. My creativity comes from my essence… So to be clear on what I want to create as an artist, I must know myself.

I think of my essence as the little seed inside me that contains the whole fruit, the whole tree, and all of nature. Once I am connected to this core of my Being, my essence, then I can express my truth and become what I am meant to Be.

Soul Art reveals what is inside of me, to a place where I can see and experience it… My essence into art...