Dream Catcher

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Rose was free. There was nothing left of the Old Woman but a puddle on the ground that slowly began to seep into the earth.

The woods came alive now that the Old Woman was gone. The birds sang joyfully and all the animals came out from hiding bearing gifts of jewels, crystal and gold, and Rose filled her pockets with the treasures.

Rose looked up at the golden web shimmering in the sunlight. In the centre was a large circle or hole. But there was something odd about it. She walked closer and saw that the centre of the web appeared to be a circular window.

“Look through the web and tell me what you see,” said Lucky. So Rose climbed up a tree and perched on a branch next to the web.

“Oh it’s beautiful!” exclaimed Rose. “It’s another land and looks just like my dream!”

“What do you see there?” shouted Lucky, who began to jump up and down excitedly.

“The sky is the most brilliant blue,” said Rose, “With little puffy white clouds floating by… Oh, I feel like I can almost reach out and touch one! There is a green meadow full of flowers… And I can see a castle in the distance. Is it real?” asked Rose.

“It’s your Dream Catcher,” said Lucky, his eyes shining bright. “You wove your dreams into the web as you slept. What else can you see?”

“There is a long, winding road through the meadow with a forest on either side,” said Rose. “On the edge of the forest is a small, white house. It has a lovely garden full of red, yellow and white roses. It looks like home!”

Just then, the door to the house opened and a woman came out with a basket. She went into the garden and began to gather roses from her garden.

“That’s your mother,” said Lucky, who was now sitting next to Rose on the tree branch. “And look, there is your father.” Rose recognized her father instantly as he came out from the forest with his axe in hand. Before she knew what she was doing she called out to him. He turned in her direction but couldn’t see her.

Rose’s eyes welled with tears. “I want to be there more than anything,” she said.

“Just close your eyes and imagine you are there. That’s all you need to do,” said Lucky.

“Will you come with me?” asked Rose.

“No, my job is done,” grinned the little green man, then he jumped down from the tree and disappeared into the forest.

Rose closed her eyes and imagined her dream. She saw the little white house, the red, yellow and white roses, her mother and father, and a path leading off into the hills toward the distant castle. She could feel the warmth of the sun on her face and the warm breeze as it rippled across the tall meadow grass. A tickle on her face made her open her eyes and a golden butterfly flew away. She followed it as it crossed the meadow, stopping here and there on a flower, then flying off again as soon as Rose came near.

Finally she came over a hill and saw the little white house with her mother and father in the garden. Overjoyed she called out to them and ran into their welcoming arms. As they embraced, Rose’s pockets emptied of all her treasures and they all three rejoiced and lived happily ever after until the end of their days.