Painting Roses

One day, while painting 'Roses', I imagined myself wearing a print of my art, and suddenly I was inspired to make my painting into a dress.

This, after all, is my 'Essence Art'... so why not take it to the next level and wear my art?

The Essence Art™ Boutique was born.

Upcoming Event

Slow Clothes: The Art of Fashion at the Harmony Arts Festival
Presented by Wearable Art Vancouver August 5th, 12:30 - 1:30 pm

Last week I featured the Daisy Dress (the essence of Spring) and so this week's feature is the Rose Dress  which is the essence of Summer. You can read more about the Rose Dress below...

Essence Word: Love
Element: Water
Colours: Rose Red, Pink

This dress was originally inspired one summer while creating a signature piece (a painting representing my essence). Once the painting was complete I was inspired to 'wear my art' and so I set about to create a dress with a print that was the full scale of the painting. Using high resolution images of my painting I created a computerized design of the dress. The design is digitally transferred onto fabric, and then hand cut and sewn. The unique Rose Dress symbolizes the essence of Summer (love and beauty), and comes in either a flare style or fitted, sleeveless dress. 

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