Fine Art and Fashion ~ The Daisy Dress and Scarf

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Slow Clothes: The Art of Fashion at the Harmony Arts Festival
Presented by Wearable Art Vancouver August 5th, 12:30 - 1:30 pm

Over the next few weeks I'll showcase each of these designs; the story behind the story, a little bit about the process, and of course, the art and the fashion!

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The Daisy Dress and Scarf

Essence Word: Dream
Element: Air
Colours: Sky Blue, Emerald Green

The Daisy Dress comes in either a fitted or flare style. This design represents the essence of Spring (fun, adventure, dreams and new beginnings) and is fashioned from the painting "Daisies". The Daisy Dress is created through a digital design process, transferred onto fabric, and then printed, cut and sewn by hand. The Daisy Scarf is 100% silk and measures 16" x 72" with machine rolled baby hem. It is light and airy with the print visible through the fabric on both sides. 

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