The Story of Daisy

Once upon a time there was a white canvas lined up alongside many other canvases on a store shelf... some bigger than others, but all looking very much the same.

All the canvases wanted to grow up to become paintings, but this particular canvas had BIG dreams... She wanted to be so much more than an ordinary painting. This White Canvas wanted to COME ALIVE with beautiful, vibrant colours... To DANCE and be all that she could BE... She dreamed of having an adventurous life and to travel the world.

One day the White Canvas was brought to a large room full of bright and colourful paintings. She was so excited... Finally her DREAM was coming true!

Soon lines began to appear on her white canvas skin. The lines became shapes and the shapes became characters… Then came layers of rich, vibrant, beautiful colour… And the White Canvas became a painting.

Her name was Daisy.

Daisy the painting had a happy life, hanging with her colourful friends Rose, Red, and Polly... They enjoyed many shows and events together.

But Daisy was not content to be just another pretty wallflower. She always sensed there was more to life. Oh, she was happy and grateful to be her bold, beautiful self, but she was restless…

So Daisy dreamed, imagined and played with ideas. How could she see more people and places? How could she be all that she could be

The  Daisy Dress  and  Scarf

An idea was born. She told her best friend Rose about it and together they began to imagine themselves manifest in other forms… Being free to move, to dance, to travel and see the world… They told their friends Red, Polly and the girls, and so every day they all dreamed and imagined… Until one day...

The Essence Art™ Boutique was born.

*The adventurous Daisy is off on more travels soon! And coming up... A fashion show! Sign up and follow along...

And that is The Story of Daisy.

Visit the Boutique to see the many incarnations of Daisy and her friends, and stay tuned for more adventures...