If I were a painting, what would I be?

I love the colour red and I’ve always loved roses, so one day, when I asked myself...

“If I were a painting, what would I be? What is the essence of Me?... ” Here is what I wrote: 

My essence is a beautiful, blissful love energy that radiates out from my heart, warming me like a pink blanket.

My essence is a deep red, velvety rose...

It is sky blue and dreamy...  a feather floating in the wind.

It is an emerald green forest... full of magic and fairy tales... adventurous, courageous, fun and playful.

My essence is like a wild garden... rich with ideas, creativity and colour.

If I were a painting, what would I be?

I would be a wild garden of red roses...

The painting Roses was created to symbolise the essence of Love and Beauty.

Once I'd finished the painting I decided I wanted to wear my art and so I created a dress from my painting. The Essence Art Boutique was born! 

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