Living Art

Today I went on an early morning walk along the sea.

I love to walk, especially at the beginning of my day, before the world gets busy and I still feel partially in another realm… 

And as I headed out this morning, I thought about art....

Art is not a thing - it is a way.
— Elbert Hubbard

Art is our soul’s expression. It is the expression of our inherent beauty and way of Being in the world. How we live is an expression of who we are. Everything we do, say, wear, eat and think about… is our art. Whether you see it, feel it, experience it or create it, art is the link that connects you with your soul; the essence of who you are.

The object isn’t to make art, it’s to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable.
— Robert Henri

A seagull flies overhead, calling out. Instantly I am transported back to my childhood. I’m gathering shells on a beach as multitudes of gulls fly about their nesting island near shore… and it’s windy. It’s always windy here… And that makes me feel alive! I’m fully present to all of my senses in this moment… Alive to nature’s beauty.

In this moment, I am one with life. There is no separation between the inside and the outside… I am part of the wave of life. And just like the ocean, the individual wave rises up, expressing itself, then rolls back to be one with the ocean.

Art is not outside of us. It is us. It is our natural way of living and being in the world. It is the creative expression of who and what we are.

You decide what your life is about and how you will live it. It comes from knowing who you are on a soul level, your essence, and how you can best express your Self in the world. Then you are living your art.

When you live your art, you are walking on your highest path.