Letting Go


There’s a divine paradox in life; to receive what you want you must first let it go.

Once you have a dream or desire in mind, it's already there and ready to be received. But you cannot push or pull it to you… you allow it into your life.

Receiving is allowing.

Imagine a stream of creative life energy that flows through life. If you focus too hard on any part of this stream, you stop the flow and life becomes a struggle.

Instead, match the energy of your desires and your whole Being becomes a part of the stream. 

You ‘go with the flow’.  

The real skill is to raise the sails and to catch the power of the wind as it passes by.
— Thomas Berry

Become the essence of your dream and what you create will match this energy.

What you receive in life is a reflection of what you are Be-ing.

So it’s a delicate balance. You have the desire and intention for something, yet at the same time you are completely at ease whether you ‘have’ it or not.

When you open and allow, you receive sudden insights and synchronicities. You are in the creative flow...

Receive is the sixth step in the creative process.

You can download the 7 Steps from Ethereal to Real, part one from the Little Book of Big Dreams here