Painting Lilies and the Creative Process

From Ethereal to Real; The Seven Steps of the Creative Process

Dream ~ Connect to your true heart's desire.

Imagine ~ Imagine the details.

Decide ~ Make a commitment.

Design ~ Make a plan.

Align ~ Align with your dream.

Receive ~ Receive insights.

Express ~ Live your dream.

When I create a painting it’s just like creating anything in life. It begins with a vision; an idea...

I imagine the details... The size of the canvas, the colours and feeling sense I want to create…

And then I decide.

I buy my materials and take action to begin...

I start with a drawing on canvas, mapping it out and creating a structure for the painting.

As I begin to draw and paint I get to know my painting… Aligning with my vision.

There comes a point when I no longer ‘think’ about what I am creating and it becomes an intuitive process. The painting paints itself.

It becomes its own unique expression.

The goal of art was the vital expression of self.
— Alfred Stieglitz

The final step in the creative process is the expression.

What was once a vision in your mind’s eye is now visible in your life. What was once a dream is now real.

You can download the 7 Steps from Ethereal to Real, part one from the Little Book of Big Dreams here.