Water Lilies and Why I Paint

Water Lilies, 36" x 36", oil on canvas

Water Lilies, 36" x 36", oil on canvas

There are lots of reasons why I paint.

I paint because I have an overwhelming desire to create; to have a sense of creative discovery is deeply satisfying. Every painting is a new adventure... 

I paint because it's fun. Making art is sometimes just pure, playful fun! And that's healthy...

And therapeutic. When I'm painting, time disappears and I can let go of all the noise of the outside world. I'm in my world now... I never feel depleted after a full days work in the studio.

I paint because I'm very visual and constantly noticing the colours and shapes in the world around me... And I want to express what I see and experience.

I painted Water Lilies purely as an expression of the beauty and tranquility of one of my favourite places... a little pond in the woods in Norway where all you hear are the birds singing and the wind whistling through the trees... 

Beauty makes my heart sing.

And sometimes, all I want to do is paint a pretty picture.

rose drawing